Ruff Path is a single owned LLC that focuses on motivational speaking.

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Jeremy Ruffin

My name is Coach Ruffin, I am born and raised in Pensacola Florida.
I am the only one who owns and operates the LLC. My main target is to encourage the youth towards betterment both mentally and physically. I am so compassionate about maintaining sustainable surroundings where humanity can be inclined towards positivity and growth.

About US

Ruff path was established by Jeremy Ruffin. He started when challenged by a friend to step out and start his own business. He wasn’t easy as he has faced many challenges, but he also felt encouraged to be able to help others.

Starting a business from the ground is all about making the right relationships with people and building trust hence he offers initial consultation to his clients to figure out which program will work perfectly against their on-going situation. For instance, if it’s life coaching, he will find out where the person is struggling the most with in life and will find methods to help them overcome their deficiencies, by giving them some strategies which will help them secure their success.

Similarly, if this is regarding basketball coaching, he would help the athlete with struggles of what their high school coach wants them to improve on. He implements that in his offseason workouts.

His initial target is to build trust and strong bond with the clients, working together towards improvement by identifying the root cause along with offering cost-effective solutions and expert advisory.

Further he wants to help people in reaching their maximum potential, sometimes which they don’t even see in themselves!! Because it is all about bringing the best out.


Offering services in different set-ups, as per your feasibility which you can be avail either online or through meeting up in group sessions.


Helping you get a hold on your life, and thoughts, providing exclusive offers to help you deal with on-going worries.


Keeping a track of your physical as well as mental health being is very important. Ruff path makes-sure to find an easier way to do that for you.


Engaging with people on group workshops is another way to connect which helps in sharpening your leadership qualities and boosts your confidence.

Our Highlights

Helping you build a better life but stronger community

We work has been recognized on different platforms;

Won best teacher award, recognized by lady panther soccer for students of Milton high school

Rookie of the year award (2020-2021), Milton high school.

Head coach for Escambia high boys basketball varsity (2018-2019)

Regional champions men’s basketball division II (2014)

Attain empowerment and further progress in your life to gain absolute fulfillment

We have the expertise


Best strategies


Want to help people reach their maximum potential, sometimes they do not even see in themselves

Through group sessions

Individual attention

Building strong bonds

Constructing strong personality

Goal is to promote basketball activities by training the evolving talent.

Tips and technique

Exclusive approach

Following rules and regulation

Providing equipment knowledge

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Highlights of our Speakers Group

Projecting confidence...

Relating and connecting...

Strategies for building...

Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group First off I’d like to Congratulate Coach & Motivational Speaker Jeremy Ruffin on his first Networking event for Established and Upcoming Speakers. You created a sacred space for each and everyone of us to feel comfortable and vulnerable to share our stories. That is not an easy thing to do and for you to do it over a time span of 2 hours speaks volumes. I’m excited about future events and even more proud of you for taking that leap.

*(Honorable mention Mr. Ken Bonner Founder of C.A.U.S.E delivered a powerful message today )

Today I was able to meet some great people in the community who are doing great things. I can’t wait to expand those connections.

This seminar was very resourceful and allowed me to dive deeper into why I want to speak, where I want to speak, what I want to convey and Who I want to speak to. Jeremy you were able to bring in speakers from a variety of background, age and life experiences. A powerful group of people with intention in their hearts to motivate others. My one up would be to take this first event and break it down into sub categories this was an umbrella of insight. You touched on marketing, you touched on Presentation, you touched on niche and so much more. It has me engaged, determined and motivated to learn more. Well done if you are reading this you do not want to miss out on the next event.

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Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group If you have not been to a formal seminar with Jeremy Ruffin you are missing a huge part of your success!
Meeting other leaders in our community even thought I’m moving I’m still reachable!

We will still grow!
Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group We are so blessed to have found Coach Jeremy Ruffin. Coach is invested in making sure kids succeed in life, not just on the court. He is an encourager and motivator and is truly invested in the lives of the kids he works with. We’ve been blessed to have our boys train with him on the basketball court, and even more blessed by his interest in helping our kids be better people. His skill and knowledge of the game and his ability to teach have made a big impact on our three boys. Coach Ruffin inspires and motivates kids to be their best. He has mentored our oldest son to help guide him through his plans beyond high school. He has gone above and beyond because he cares. Thank you Coach for your influence on our kids!!! Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group “Coach Ruffin is simply a delight to be around. His understanding of the game has proven to be very beneficial to our team as he leads with exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills. Whether someone is the star player on the team or the water boy’s assistant, Jeremy’s ability to make that person feel like an essential member of the team is second to none. I highly recommend Jeremy because he truly is a man of character and integrity both on and off the court.”
Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group “God shines through you. You’re an amazing teacher and coach. Giving kids that love (& tough love), support, encouragement, positivity, helping them down the right path, and best of all, praying for many of them. In my eyes, that’s a father figure”
Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group I’ve Been through a lot with coach Ruffin but at the end of the day you can’t say he isn’t a good person who cares. I never knew what he was trying to do for me until now that I am older.
I appreciate you for all the long talks and good laughs. We had a father/son relationship more than a player/coach relationship
I Love you coach ruff🖤
“Former Player:
Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group Not once, but twice today, My son said, “I love Coach Ruffin.” He said he loves that you treat him with respect and that you take time to help him practice his shots. For too many years we’ve watched coaches scream at our kids at their faults and then never help them fix what needs help.
Mason said you always say something positive first and please understand that makes ALL the difference in the world not just to him but to us.
We put so much time, money, and effort into helping our children try to achieve their dreams. Coaches like you are what keep him loving the game and wanting to put that extra effort out.
It truly makes the difference. Thank you for your investment and confidence in Mason and in each of these boys. You’re making a valuable difference!
Current Player
Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group “Jeremy was extremely professional and represented his employer well. His business acumen as well as his knowledge of trends within the market added to his level of professionalism. I look forward to future business interactions.” Slide Our Clients Says Highlights of our Speakers Group Shout out to Jeremy Ruffin at Ruff Path for an excellent presentation. Motivational, inspirational and he is an excellent teacher. Thank you so much for having such a great event and networking me with influential people in our community! Follow him for future speaking engagements and if he’s available for your next event….book him!!

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